DSAC Application/Renew Membership

Steps to become a 2017 DSAC Member

Just follow the 3 steps below to enjoy the great benefits of being a DSAC Member.  2017 DSAC membership dues cover events and features for year of 2017.  If you have any questions, email dsac@dsac.org and your question maybe added to the FAQ section at the bottom.

1) Make sure you meet DSAC Requirements, click here to view.

2) Skip this step if you are lifetime member. Fill out the DSAC Membership Application, 3 options
     A)  Download, fill out, and sign the DSAC Membership Application, click here.  Email to apply@dsac.org

     B)  Download, fill out, and sign the DSAC Membership Application, click here.  Send to ATTN: DSAC Membership PO Box 276 Arnold MD 21012

3) Pay DSAC membership dues covering events and features occurring in year 2017, 3 options

     A)  Online Payment: Click here to Buy DSAC Membership 2018, $100 ($3.82 fee) or see Online Payment Page for all options.

     B)  Give $100 check to DSAC Leader at any DSAC Breakfast Event.

     C)  Send $100 check to ATTN: DSAC Membership PO Box 276 Arnold MD 21012


- When are applications and payment being accepted?

December is the best time to send in applications and payments.  Applications are being accepted up to mid February but it is best to apply and pay before the new year so your online profile is not in-activated.  After February 12th, there is a $25 late fee applied.  Many people pay during the first breakfast of the year.

- What if I need to make another type of payment to DSAC?

If you wish to make the payment not described in step 3 above, please contact the DSAC Treasurer on DSAC Leader page.  

- What if I pay and my application is not approved?

If you paid online, a refund will be issued and you should see the funds returned to you 5 to 10 business days later.  If you paid via check, the check is not deposited until your application is approved.

- When do I get my online profile?

Once your application and membership dues have been received, you should get an email with your username and password to sign in and complete your online profile.  Based on the method you chose to send us your application and membership dues, the creation may take longer.  If you wish to have anything expedited, please email dsac@dsac.org with your request.

- Is this payment secure?

Yes, once you click on the online payment link, a secure jquery pop-up will appear which has an "https" address.  The payment is handled via STRIPE.  To read more about STRIPE security, click here.

- Can I make payments with my mobile device?

Yes, just click on the online payment link from this webpage and it will allow you to make an online payment with your mobile device.

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