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How to Change Password

To change your password.1)  Login2) Look at picture and click on the link highlighted.3)  Follow steps...

Posted 02/20/2017

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DSAC 2017 Members List

To help clarify the DSAC member list, a page is created to help communicate with members and DSAC Leadership.  This page is currently DRAFT Mode meaning that this is not the official...

Posted 01/24/2017

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Benefits of DSAC Membership

Below are just a few of the wonderful benefits of being a DSAC member.  If you have any further questions, feel free to contact one of the DSAC Leaders.- Free admission to DSAC...

Posted 12/01/2016

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Marketing Email List

The DSAC offers an e-mail marketing feature which allows members to announce houses for sale or open houses to other members via email. The and

Posted 10/11/2016

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Breakfast Event Registration

Event Registration for breakfast meetings can be done multiple ways.  1) Prior to the event, an eventbrite will be sent out to members and contacts.  Simply follow the eventbrite...

Posted 08/25/2016

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How To Post Event

Have an open house or other public event you want to advertise?  If you are a Lifetime or Premium member, you can  post events to the Site.  You will need to know your...

Posted 07/12/2016

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How to Post Member Announcement

You will need to know your email and password to log into the site.  Feel free to email for help.1 - Log into site and go to Dashboard.2 - Click on "Add Blog Article"...

Posted 07/12/2016

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New listing in Adult Community

Please check out this beautiful home in immaculate condition. For your convenience and a better idea of the house and of the floor plan, I'm including this interactive virtual...

Posted 07/12/2016

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Why aren't parts of my profile showing up?

Currently the number one reason something is not showing up like a photo album or an article is because the publish option is set to no.  The publish option is available to members...

Posted 07/05/2016

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